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AIT-S-FELL E-glass needled felt (9mm), 1 side with aluminium film & 1 side with pressure sensitive adhesive. Sold in 1m x 1m sheets.
Weight c 1km/m

AIT-S-GLASS E-glass fibre fabric. 1 side with alu-polymer film, 1 side with pressure sensitive adhesive. Sold in 1m x 1m sheets.
Weight 1kg /m

AIT-S-LITE E-glass fibre fabric, 1 side coated with aluminium film, 1 side with pressure sensitive adhesive. Sold in 1m x 1m x 0.6mm sheets.
Weight c 400g/m

AIT-S-ECO Mylar blanket, simple layer heat shield not self adhesive. Sold in roll lengths as required or 1m x 1m x 0.5mm squares.

AIT-S-ALL Fibra reinforced 120 micron aluminium foil, self adhesive roll. 50m x 50mm roll.


Teknofibra heat resistant materials
                                   (Walkers - Distributor for the UK )

This innovative material protects heat sensitive parts mounted in close proximity to high temperatures that would otherwise be damaged without proper protection.

Teknofibra is a unique material composed by a special surface of embossed aluminium, an exclusive material derived from carbon fibre with very high insulating properties, and a specially developed adhesive layer that increase its strength with temperature.

The main applications of Teknofibra in racing cars are:

  • protect the body and any other part near manifolds, exhaust pipes, turbo and other heat sources.
  • used as barrier against heat and flames between engine and cockpit
  • placed between the air box and the throttle body allowing the flow of cold air
  • applied on the fuel tank to keep fuel temperature lower
  • applied on oil tank and shock absorbers reservoir in close proximity to the exhaust pipes, helps in keeping the gas and oil temperature more stable.
  • Teknofibra has excellent acoustic properties also.

Teknofibra applied to a panel with only a small air gap ( 3 to 5mm ) to the manifold will resist the 800 degree and the temperature of the panel will be approx 30 degrees.

Please go to
for video clips demonstrations of this exciting material which can be purchased from our on line shop. Please note that the files have been compressed into a zip file to reduce file size and will need to be saved to your computer to be viewed.

Teknofibra now available in tube form

Teknofibra material stitched with Kevlar thread is now available in tubes to protect Fuel & Oil lines, Wiring looms & cables.

For more information or to purchase any of the Teknofibra range of products contact us anytime on +44 (0) 1609 777221