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Walkers News

Tue, Nov 30th, 2010 12:00:00 am

Walkers have commissioned the production of new turbo's. New units from Garrett/Lancia have not been available for some time now. Old turbo's for reconditioning or for hybred modification are running out also as many are heat cracked and unservicable. We have available a modern T34 replacement and a range of roller bearing options for engine outputs up to 500hp.

These turbo's are manufactured from ALL new 2010 specification exhaust & compressor designs. They also include new competition actuator capsuels. These turbo's are a direct replacement for the original unit. That means the exhaust manifold flange is original and therefore no bespoke manifold required. The original exhaust front pipe connection is the same, therefore your own exhaust system will fit. Induction can be original or upto 76mm as requested. These turbo's all outperform the old T34 they replace. Available April from our stores stock. NOW IN STOCK !


T3 Evo2 with bigger compressor wheel & twin step seals £ 846

T34/Evo1 replacement including twin step seals - hp's up to 350 £ 995

T34 replacement with roller bearing core - including bigger compressor wheel  385/400 hp £ 1851

GT roller bearing - bigger exhaust housing/impeller upto 450 hp £ 1895

GT roller bearing as above for engines upto 500 hp £ 1950

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